My progress with bodybuilding and fitness. Started lifting in June 2011.

I like lifting weights, music, video games... Feel free to ask me anything.


Mako & Detail - Tell Me Something

Actually cannot stop listening to this, absolute fire

Anonymous asked
have you ever had a blow job? would you let both girls and guys blow you?

Yes. Girls only

Anonymous asked
41. If you could go on a date with your favorite actress, where would you take her? 42. Do you keep secrets? 43. What is your favorite childhood memory? 44. Sexual orientation 45. Your best first date 46. How tall are you? 47. Ever watch soap operas? 48. Are you afraid of heights?

41. Umm, I don’t even have a favourite actress. I’d need to know something about the person before deciding on that anyway.
42. Doesn’t everybody? I like to think that I will be able to open up when asked but apparently I’m very closed, I don’t do it on purpose. Something I need to improve.
43. Being taught by my sister, she helped me so much in her own time and I didn’t even realise what she was doing. She definitely helped me do well in school. She unfortunately passed away when I was in high school.
44. Straight.
45. Not really sure what my first dates have been, I’ve only been ‘serious’ with one person (even though it wasn’t official)
46. I’m 5ft 10”
47. No, I hardly watch TV. I’m more of an internet geek spending my spare time listening to and finding new music.
48. Yeah they scare me, I’m trying to do more things that scare me now though!